Otley Sailing Club

RYA AI Course - Spring 2018

  • 24 Apr 2018
  • 28 Apr 2018
  • 2 sessions
  • 24 Apr 2018, 6:30 PM 9:30 PM (GDT)
  • 28 Apr 2018, 9:30 AM 5:00 PM (GDT)
  • Otley Sailing Club


  • By invite only.

Registration is closed

Training:  This is course covers the RYA teaching methods for beginners.  Candidates will be assessed on their teaching ability with beginners.  Successful candidates will have their logbook signed and will be awarded the AI certificate by their Principal or Senior Instructor.

Eligibility: To be accepted onto the OSC AI course you must:

  1. Be a member of OSC.
  2. Hold RYA Dinghy Sailing L1&2 or Youth Sailing Stages 1,2,3&4 and be a competent sailor
  3. Hold one of the RYA Sailing Scheme advanced modules (e.g. RYA Start Racing) 
  4. Be recommended by an OSC Senior Instructor or Principal (who will issue you with a code to sign-up)
  5. Be at least 13 years old at the start of your course

Role: The assistant instructor (AI) award provides recognition for the ‘in-house’ training given to experienced sailors intending to qualify as RYA dinghy, keelboat or multihull instructors. At OSC we specialise in Dinghy Sailing.  The AI is a competent small boat sailor who has been trained to assist instructors in teaching sailing up to the standard of the Level 2 or Stage 3 courses.  They must work under the supervision of an RYA senior instructor (SI) or the chief instructor of an RYA training centre.  The AI’s training is limited to assisting qualified instructors and does not include first aid or powerboat handling.  Assistant Instructors must never work without direct supervision.

Practice: Before you come please practice these knots as you’ll quite likely have to teach them one day! Figure of 8 Round turn and 2 half hitches Secure a rope to a cleat Bowline Clove hitch Reef knot Fisherman’s Bend Rolling Hitch Sheetbend

What to bring:

A whistle – attached to buoyancy aid

  A knife – attached to buoyancy aid

  A folder to put your sheets and books in, and a pen

  A pack lunch and drinks


  Your sailing gear, inc towel

  WARM changes of clothing and lots of them!

Certificate Validity: The AI certificate is valid only at OSC for five years.  It is not valid at any other club or centre.

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